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it ain't tippi the bird


all the rest of the fandom is discussing theories, while the spoby fandom is still crying




I personally will never enjoy Brittany’s other relationships outside of Santana particularly because of the way they write Brittany in those relationships. Almost all of Brittany’s best written scenes, where she actually had real conversations and wasn’t reduced to a toddler (hurt locker, shirt locker, prom queen classroom scene, heart locker, etc.), were scenes with Santana. For me, with the way they write Brittany with these other guys it makes me feel uncomfortable…like its a grown man perving on a child.


the fact that ryan has a show where someone gets brutally murdered nearly every week and it’s still less offensive than his show about singing teenagers i just


I didn’t choose the fandom life,

the fandom life grabbed and chloroformed me on the way from school and dragged my unconscious body to it’s basement.



But in the episode when the graduates come back to help with the musical, I want Finn to be all like ‘I brought some old friends along to help out’, and then everyone walks in and Brittany sees Santana and they glance the shit out of each other. We know they are good at this.

Anyway, so they glance, and everyone takes seats but the only seat left for Santana when she’s finally finished glancing Brittany is the one next to Brittany. So they have awkward tension and Santana just slowly sits down next to her, and we get a shot of them sitting next to each other in glee, one with her cheerios uniform still on and one looking all old and mature, and in that shot we see how much things have changed and how different they are now and pain pain pain.

But this is Glee so Santana will walk in and be like ‘HEY THERE BESTIE’ and Brittany will be like ‘YOU KNOW FOR THAT YEAR I WAS WITH YOU I REALLY DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO MARVEL AT THE PENIS IT IS SO WONDERFUL ARE YOU SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO TRY’ and we will be back to square one. 

#i have a dream #that my otp will be treated like an actual legitimate couple and not a joke 

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